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mac pro first gen + 1900XT instability

Nov 02 2008 | 8:58 pm

Has anyone had issues with Mac Pro first gen and ATI 1900XT? We got 2 cards,
updated video card firmware (running 10.4.11) and keep getting random
freezes (crashes) requiring a reboot. This is particularly pronounced if two
cards are used concurrently (3+ video outputs) or when one card is using
both outputs. We haven’t noticed [that many] problems when using only one
video output, but in the aforesaid configurations, it happens rather
frequently (and inconsistently). All these symptoms point to the video card
being the problem (this is further corroborated by various testimonials
found on Internet). Any suggestions?

Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A.
Composition, Music Technology
Director, DISIS Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio
Assistant Co-Director, CCTAD
CHCI, CS, and Art (by courtesy)
Virginia Tech
Dept. of Music – 0240
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-6139

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