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Macbook, or Macbook Pro? That Is The Question

Jun 19 2008 | 9:42 am

Hello everyone in Cycling ’74 land,

Since my last few posts concerning learning and the such and getting good information from many sources, cheers guys, and gals.
I am now actively working through the tutorials now, even more so than before. Not as Lethargic, but still a little bit.

So anyhow, the question that has been bothering me for a while now is, which Macbook should i get?

The reason i am asking this question is because i like to take work with me, even taking playing with me as well.
I do currently own one of the new iMac computers, which is awesome, even more so with 4GB RAM stuffed in it like a Christmas Turkey. But it is not portable, unless i have a huge bag and muscles to carry it. But this can get tiresome, especially when i cant be bothered making DVD/CD copies.

I have been doing pricing for both the 15" (higher end) Macbook pro and the 13" higher end Macbook (Blackbook). I have even priced them both with an extra 4GB RAM stuffed inside them.
The Macbook comes to a good price of $1700, with the upgrade
The Macbook Pro comes to $2750, with the upgrade, and also faster HDD.

The main reason I am really wanting to get a Macbook or Pro, is because i would like to start gigging again, much after i get more into Max/MSP, to control my setup and everything with just the laptop.
And also because i would like to be able to just go ‘Ohh, i have an idea for a track’, or something like that, and just whip the laptop out and get working.

But Max/MSP will not be the only program installed on the computer, i will have Logic Studio & Kontakt 3 installed, because these are the centre on my music, so far until i become better at Max/MSP, then i will remove both of these.

And also as a last question, is Max/MSP compatible with Leopard yet? It would be nice if it was, because i would like to make patches for both 10.4 and 10.5.

So anyhow, i will leave this question for you to answer, but as far as to let you know, the temptation of the Blackbook is really starting to take over me.
And PC laptops are out of the question, i used to do PC’s, back in the day, but they sucked balls, hard

Jun 20 2008 | 8:18 am

Lewis G. Edwards schrieb:
> So anyhow, the question that has been bothering me for a while now
> is, which Macbook should i get?

It boils down to: are you going to use Jitter? If yes, Macbook Pro, if
not a Macbook is fine. (You can spend the extra money on a good tutor
instead… ;-)
Personally I like the smaller size a lot. (Mine is a 12" Powerbook, even
smaller…) It will force you to streamline your user interfaces…

Fill it up with RAM and eventually get one of these small 2.5" firewire
external harddrives. Its always a plus to have one extra…


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