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Make me smoother – like nair but for a videoplane.

Sep 06 2009 | 8:14 pm


Any advice is appreciated.

I have a patch that I am using to change the scale and position a videoplane. It works well, but I just wish the movement was smoother. My problem might be the refresh rate of the computer screen… but I am hoping that it is something that I can fix in Jitter.

patch is pasted and attached – THANKS!

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
Sep 06 2009 | 8:22 pm

hi. please post patches using the copy-compressed method. details can be found in the sticky topic on the main forum.

can you be more specific about what needs to be smoother. your patch works as expected to my eyes.

Sep 07 2009 | 8:10 pm

Thanks. I had a hard time finding the "copy-compressed" sticky, but found it here:

…in case anyone else needs to know.

I think the problem is ‘tearing" – the effect I see is something I would usually solve with a motion blur in a non-real-time software.

I believe I sent this issue to the list before (years ago), but even then not everyone saw what I was seeing.

I just found this:

I’ll test some of the solutions listed there.


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