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Making a Max MSP Object in C – Random Melody Generator

May 13 2011 | 12:37 pm

Hi there!

Im trying to Create a Object in Max MSP using C that Randomly generates a Melody, similar to Mozart’s "dice music". For example, when a random number is selected from an array, it corresponds to a note number for example 61. This then outputs the note number and plays back. This should happen 16 times, in order to create a random melody every time its activated.

I’ve created an array which contains a selection of note numbers, but i’ m very stuck on how to make it all fit together.

Any help would be very welcomed, and I hope this makes sense! Reply if your willing to help! Thank you very much


May 13 2011 | 1:13 pm

Hi Arnie.

I have some remarks for you, if you don’t mind

– questions about object development in C fit better in the "Dev" forum – you have much more chances to get an answer there

– why do you want to develop this in C? While I didn’t grasp all the details of your idea, it seems something very easy to do with Max. but of course you might have very good reasons for this – including the joy of experimenting!

– I don’t understand where you’re stuck – is it a problem with the algorithm, the C language, the integration with Max, …? it’s hard to give you specific advice with so little info.

– eighteenth century "dice music" was about whole measures, rather than single notes… but if you look for a more modern approach to (partly) aleatoric music composition there’s a lot more stuff than this around, and some people on this list (me not included) are real experts in the field!

good luck, in any case!

May 13 2011 | 1:22 pm

Cheers AA, i’l post it in dev now.

I want to develop this in C, as i have already made something like it in max and want to expand my knowledge in that field.

Im stuck, because i don’t know enough about it, and was wondering if someone give an example for me to work from.

Yeah, the dice music wasn’t an amazing example, but i suppose it is the same in essence, using tone/semitone randomness

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