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Making a mempio-like external for OS X?

Jul 25 2007 | 9:57 pm


I’m wondering if anyone has has a go at making an OSX version of an external like mempio. If so, I’d be grateful for any info on how you got on.

I have been given a USB-PIO from this company and would really like to get it talking to Max/MSP on a Mac:

I notice that there’s now an SDK available for OSX users but when I tried to create an external for my Intel Mac, I had trouble getting it to compile when I include any commands to do with the device.

I can’t work out whether the problem is:

1) Because I haven’t put certain files from the right folders etc.

2) Because it will never work.

3) Because of something else I haven’t considered.

The manual is in German and unfortunately, to my shame, the only German I know is ‘alle ist veranderlich’ which isn’t very helpful on this occasion.

I’m quite good at making externals these days but have to say I tend to fudge all the stuff about creating classes etc – borrowing from the tutorials – as I’m not that much of a C programmer. So it’s likely that there’s a very important thing I need to do with putting files a, b and c in certain folders. The files I’ve been given are a load of header files, plus a .dylib file. These were all installed automatically in various folders when I went through the company’s install routine. And I’ve tried copying the header files into the same folder as my external c code, then writing an include for them, with no luck.

…sorry if this all sound a bit random. But as I say, I’m not really much of a C programmer.

Any advice gratefully received – even if the advice is that it’ll never work!


Jul 26 2007 | 3:45 pm


Problem solved – I realised I needed to link to the library that came with the device and it now seems to be working fine. So I’m now able to use the usb-pio in Max on my Intel Mac.


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