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making automatic sound file (to disc) recorder?

Sep 03 2009 | 12:51 am

i want to make this patch wich automatically records samples out of battery to my hard-disc.

so i’ve got 64 samples in battery3 wich all have different effects per sample wich i want to bounce one by one automatically.

i want to select a folder for the next 64 samples (1 battery3 kit) wich i’m gonna record and from their on it should regulate its self until it recorded 64 samples.

i already have and idea how to trigger notes and how to let max wait until a sample is finished and only then trigger and record the next.

the problem is the following:
i need max to automatically open an audio file with a variable name dependent on how many samples are recorded by then (so an increasing "number".aiff from 1 to 64)
But this what i can’t figure out.
i tried to send the message "open $1.aiff with an increasing number coming in the message box.
this doesn;t seem to work. even not in the help file where they demonstrate it with a .wav file. i get this error in my max-window:
sfrecrod–>can;t make file 1.aiff err-1.

i could specify one folder for the next 64 samples and let it do his things or i saving an audio file to disk something i can’t automate (wich i can’t imagine).

Sep 03 2009 | 7:05 am

try sprintf %ld instead of the message box. Message boxes will add spaces in there.

sprintf open %ld_wave.aiff

sending in an int will replace the %ld thus:

sprintf open 5_wave.aiff

For auto-saving etc., you should be able to do whatever you want using varieties of

and , among other objects perhaps.

When you’re using the "bang when read/write completed" on buffer~ objects, or any object that reads/writes substantial files, put in a few seconds delay before starting the next thing, just to be sure the disk operation really is done. And be sure you have a "panic button" to get you out of any automated processes, lest you freeze things forever….simplest way may be to have a gate before the integer going into the . Have a key command to toggle the gate too, in case the mouse gets unresponsive.

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