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managing jit.cellblock

Apr 22 2009 | 6:35 pm

I am interested in creating something like the jit.cellblock found in lloopp’s buffer_host patch. In it, a list of files is kept, and every time a new file is loaded, a new cell is added to the top containing the filename, and everything else is bumped down, to end with the cell "new."

It seems like it should be easy to make jit.cellblock do this – essentially it’s just the opposite of what the "addrow" message does – but i can’t figure it out, and lloopp’s code is such a labyrinth that i’m resorting to the forum. Please offer suggestions!

Apr 22 2009 | 8:47 pm

If you use the "refer somename" message to [jit.cellblock] you can have it show the contents of [coll somename]. Then all you need to do is [prepend insert 0] the data to your [coll] and it will add the new item to the top and move everything else down accordingly.


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