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managing text cells with jitter?

Feb 18 2009 | 9:44 pm

hi all,
I’m trying to manage 60*60 cells of text with Jitter for full-on
matrix-style slicing, offsetting, splitting etc etc.

Currently things are being stored in jit.cellblock, but things get hairy
when I start outputting these.
– I reckon there must be some sort of atoi->itoa process I can go
through to get things safely in and out of jit.matrix, but I’m stumped…

For perspective, I need to output sets of 3×10 and place them in various
positions of a larger matrix… that sort of thing.

Cheers for any insight.


Feb 20 2009 | 4:09 am

In a matrix, you can place one value per cell. i.e. one ASCII character, for instance, or one float32, etc. But you cannot store a – word – in a matrix.
I am not sure I understood completely your question, though.
You might think about sending a reduced patch showing your problem.

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