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manchester based live music maxing, how does that sound?…

Dec 08 2009 | 1:07 pm

alright all,

just a small question to ask anyone in the manchester uk, area or round about who fancies putting on a few nights of gigging.

i am basically wanting to get back into my live set phase [its always fun]. but having contacted people about doing live sets at small starting venues have always come back saying ‘i dont think this would fit at one of our nights’ or something similar.
so i am thinking of setting up my own night, full of max 5 fun and frolics. and hopefully with many other max 5 [and max 4] users.

since nobody seems to care for my tastes at the moment, i feel i should just do my own instead. and even possibly make it a common small event to happen.
everyone gets to enjoy these sort of nights at the places i cant get to without having to buy a plane ticket [such as the max salon and c74], so just thought a night, or few nights a year would be good for the blood and community.

if anyone feels interested, and does live in or near the manchester area, do let me know. my email is available from my profile
i had a few venues in mind, such as the deaf institute and there was a few more but cant think of the names. if anyone knows anymore that they would like to do

my plan is to basically have, say 10 to 12 nights a year [one a month depending on time slots]. and basically we come with our max patches for music and create some live music. each taking turns to do there thing. like a gig basically.
then if that all goes well the first few, maybe even team up with people and do some stuff. who knows what could happen.

since christmas is right round the corner, it would be hard to get anything up until january. but that does give good time to think and talk to people and gain some support.

that was it really…

Dec 08 2009 | 4:13 pm

I think thats a great idea (im in Leeds). I dont think any of my patches are really up for making particularly interesting music, but I think I’d be interested in coming along if I could :)

Dec 08 2009 | 4:33 pm

well thats the first one then,
any patch can be a good patch :)

aye, i mean, everyone in california and basically that area get to enjoy meets a lot with conferences etc. so i think it is high time we start to do our own little things, whether being musical, or just something to show people what us maxers can do.

it also gets other interested in max at the same time, and can build on max friends…

Dec 08 2009 | 8:10 pm

i would be up of it, a do visuals mainly,
just getting in to msp, i have just join a band with i do live processing on there sound, some bits sound great, other bits ropy, just more practices on my behave, maybe we could play? but would be up for doing visuals regardless

cheers ben

Dec 08 2009 | 9:33 pm

aye visuals sound good. mainly because it can take the audience away from just staring at someone on a computer…

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