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Manipulating Video with Data from Statistics and Mouse

Nov 14 2011 | 10:05 pm

Hi there!

I’m not very experienced with MaxMSP as I am just starting out.

Anyways,I want manipulate the numbers from the chart below from this website: with the mouse state. Depending on the position of the mouse, it could either increase or decrease the stats and those will then be used to manipulate the video’s colour and size.

Is it possible to do that and if so can you help me?

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --


PS: About the video itself, you can use any one of your own video to test out the code. But if there’s a way where I don’t need to always open up the video file, I’d like to know that too.

Nov 17 2011 | 12:19 am


it should be easy to not have to load the file everytime. Place the video in one of your search paths (or create a search path pointing towards a folder of videos) and then all you need is a message box "read " with a [loadbang] connected to the left inlet of the message box.

Alternatively you can drag a video file from the max browser (ctrl + b or cmd + b)and connect a [loadbang] to that.

Search paths are set from Options -> File Preferences and you have to click the + sign in the lower left and fill out the relevent details.

Good luck from a fellow noob.

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