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Max 4.5 distorting and radio button problems! please help

May 05 2008 | 10:50 pm

Hi team!
i trust you are all well! i’m having some major issues with my max patch and i hope you can help me sort them out!

I’ve created a massive patch and everything was working fine audio wise until the other day!

I installed some digidesign hardware and max 5, since then there has been a stuttering distortion to the audio, (as if it’s going on and off randomly) when i use the inbuild audio functions of my mac book. Nothing else has changed so why is it playing up and can it be solved? i can’t delete max 5 or the digidesign hardware as i’m using it for another project but i need to be able to run max 4.6 using the onboard audio.

another problem, whilst adding extras to my patch i’ve made it controllable using the computers keyboard, it works great – i use key to add and subtract numbers from a list which is then split into bangs and used to trigger radio buttons.

however when i do this, the radio button remains lit up yellow and doesnt reset which is ruining the look of the patch.

any ideas?

thanks a lot to everyone

May 05 2008 | 11:54 pm

I have an Mbox Mini, and when I use the built-in audio output and input I get the same "distortion" and also clicking when an audio file is played in Qtime, iTunes, etc.
When you install the drivers for the Mbox or any other Digi hardware, it’s best to continue using that hardware, and not use the default internal audio card from then on. What hardware do you have, my man?

Radio buttons stay on, and are supposed to…you may want to use either a button or an led (flash time can be changed for led).

May 05 2008 | 11:59 pm

it’s a digi003 desk thing, but it’s a pain in the bottom to carry about. i sorted out the radio button thing with a reset? computers eh?
thanks for getting back to me!

May 06 2008 | 1:13 am

If you’re using the airport, try turning that off. There was an apple update that hosed audio while the wifi is on.

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