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Apr 23 2008 | 6:52 pm


I am in the middle of exploring MAX 5 and I am experiencing some things I don’t understand, help needed please!

-When I open one off my old patches with a lot of DSP and some VST plugins, it takes up 23% off my Quad core machine, the same patch uses 13% in MAX 4.6?????????

-I have tried to use the POLY~ object to smear out the processing to multiple cores (THE big thing in MAX 5 to my opinion), and it seems to work fine when you look at the processor load in the taskmanager (parallel off, one core 100%, parallel on, all cores 25%), but the problem is that MAX’s cpu meter still says 100%, and the audio from the poly’s is stuttering just as bad as with parallel off…

Am I missing something here? I really hope so!

Thanks in advance


Apr 23 2008 | 11:18 pm

when I toggle the multi option in the fm example patch it crashes my comp. dual core macbook pro 2.16 2gb ram

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