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Max 6.0.5 became unreliable with Fireface UC in Windows 7

Jul 05 2012 | 8:39 am

Hello all,

I have been using Max 6.0.5 and a Fireface UC (driver 1.0.22) on Windows 7 for a while with no problems until yesterday. The CPU usage for the same Max patch went from 7% to 100% and it stopped working. Nothing changed on my computer – I hadn’t installed any software/hardware that might have caused a problem. When I selected the "ad_directsound" driver, the problem went away. When I reselected the "ad_asio ASIO Fireface US" driver the problem came back. When I selected "ad_portaudio ASIO" and in/out device "ASIO Fireface USB", the problem went away. Great. At least it was working again, albeit using a different driver option than before.

Now this morning, when I select the Fireface ASIO driver in Max, the audio is just frozen – it doesn’t seem to turn on, despite saying that it is turned on. A couple of times I get the Windows "Max is not responding" box and I have to force quit. But with the "ad_directsound" it works fine.

After messing around turning the Fireface on/off, restarting Windows and Max, it works again (at 7% CPU as normal) with the "ad_portaudio ASIO" driver, but the "I/O Mappings" dialog box in "Audio Status" was empty and I had to re-enter each input and output.

The Fireface works fine with Windows Media Player and Cockos Reaper. It just doesn’t work reliably in Max, which is not ideal since I use it regularly for concerts when it must work without a glitch.

Has anybody had a similar problem? Does anybody have ideas on what is going wrong and how to fix this? Is there any kind of computer maintenance that could help (e.g. clearing any preferences, tidying up the Windows registry?)?


Jul 05 2012 | 4:58 pm

Are you able to modify signal vector sizes or sample rate while you haver the ASIO Fireface driver selected?

Do that and quit Max straight away, then try a restart of Max.


Jul 06 2012 | 12:11 pm


Max is now running well with the ASIO driver selected. I noticed that if I change the buffer size using the Fireface setting dialog box, Max just stops computing audio, and the I/O Vector Size in the Max Audio Status window does not change to reflect what I chose in the Fireface dialog box.

However, I am able to change the I/O Vector Size from the Max Audio Status window. The buffer size in the Fireface settings dialog doesn’t update to reflect the new setting but it still works. When I change the sample rate in Max, the sample rate in the Fireface dialog changes, and Max is still working.

I wonder if I just had a mis-match between the I/O Vector Size in Max, and the buffer size in the Fireface settings dialog? Do you think this is what likely caused the problem?

Thanks for your help!

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