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Max 6, no audio out, including external hardware (Presonus FP10)

Apr 15 2013 | 12:21 am

Long time Max user here…

I have Max 6 installed (through a University software template) on a Mac mini – 10.8.3. I've got it wired up to a Presonus FP10. Despite what Presonus says on it's site, I can get the patches to play through the same audio interface on an identical Mac Mini. I can play sound (itunes) through the FP10 on the current (problematic) machine. Yet, when I try to run my Max patches, I can't get any audio out. Even from the Cycle~ help file.

I've changed my System Preferences Sound to use the FP10. I can see the FP10 through my Midi Setup. The DSP is a bit different, but I can see the FP10 there. (See attached images). But, no sound out. And yes, the Dac~ is on.

When I switch all the settings back to the default speakers in the Mac Mini, still no sound.

Very strange.

Again, I can play sound through the Mac Mini and FP10 using ITunes, so I know the 2 hardwares can talk to each other. But, I can't get anything from Max 6. (But I can do it all on an identical Mac Mini).

Is there some Preferences file that I'm supposed to trash? Couldn't find anything in Application Support.

Please advise! Cheers!

[attachment=221008,5423] [attachment=221008,5424] [attachment=221008,5425]

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Apr 15 2013 | 10:57 pm

I realized the error. A hidden patch cord to an out that didn’t have a speaker attached. *slap*

It pays to take breaks.

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