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max keeps crashing in windows

Jan 02 2011 | 11:50 am

Hi I have just purchased max 5 and I am running it on windows 7 I have a dual 2 gig processor and 3 gig ram. Max takes about 3 minutes to start up and 50% of time it doesnt start up at all. this even happens if i create a standalone and open it on a different computer. the version I have appears to be 5.0 so wondering if its a bug thats been fixed by an update but i cant find any apart from the 5.1.7 sdk and i dont know what to do with that. the only reason i bought max was to create a free standalone drum module to help sell sample banks i am recording. I had to sell my beloved roland d50 and juno 106 to buy max and it doesnt seem to be able to make a really simple patch run smooth (even max help files wont open at times). my heart is stuck in my throught at the moment. could anyone please help

Jan 02 2011 | 12:13 pm

Sorry my version is 5.1.7 and I believe that is the most up to date version.

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