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Max Toolbox Shell / Save problem

Sep 22 2007 | 2:53 am

I imagine this may have been discussed before, but has anyone else run into the problem of using the Toolbox Shell for a command, then all of a sudden your patch has been renamed "Shell" and you can’t save or save as…? If you try you get an error in the Max window: Error in Save Dialog!

I saw something in the forums about a problem with Toolbox and the Dialog, didn’t know if this was the same thing (was that about the Dialog object?), but it’s pretty bad as you essentially lose all your work from the last point… Unless I suppose you could save as "Shell", then re-open and re-name, but that’s bad (haven’t tried it, I just close and it’s usually OK since I’m an OCD saver, like every thirty seconds)…

I really really LOVE the toolbox, it’s awesome and if anyone reading this doesn’t have it you should get it… but if there’s a fix for this that would be great to know.

Thanks Nathaniel!!


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