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Max5 keeps crashing!

Sep 10 2008 | 6:23 pm

Hey all.

I just bought Max5 and everytime I open the patcher window and attempt to create an object…the dang thing crashes! Anyone know why this would happen or how to fix this?

I’m running OSX Leopard (updated) on a Macbook Pro.

Also, can you go back to the Max 4.6 GUI? I like the old barebones black and white.



Sep 11 2008 | 11:02 am


Are you using some externals that Max 5 can’t identify? Also mine is crashing time to time when I launch Max and move mouse..

You should send your systemlogs to Cycling74 if it happens again and again..



Sep 11 2008 | 8:11 pm

Badading Badaboum !!!! Yes well me too , and we are not the only ones , their was even a previous post just a few days ago with the same topic
+ I have a G5QUAD 4meg of RAM ect… pretty beefed up !!! cant figure it out yet

Technology is capricious !!! hhargrgrg

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