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Max5 little (literally) problem

May 19 2008 | 7:33 am

The little Max5 logo in the "notification area" on windows XP doesn’t always go away when Max is closed. After doing a lot of fooling around I’ll notice there are three or four of the little guys piled up. Simply passing the mouse over the offenders makes them disappear. Not a big deal, but it makes me paranoid that Max is still open. No problems with other programs doing this on this computter.

Max 5.02, Windows XP.
Notification area next to the clock set to the fixed mode where it doesn’t "hide inactive icons" and with the "lock the taskbar" setting on.

May 19 2008 | 11:36 am

When an application crashes it doesn’t get cleared out of the system tray until you put the mouse over it. So, it sounds like max is crashing for you. Funny though that you are not complaining about the crashes, just the icons. :)

Did you notice it crashing? If you can provide steps to reproduce the crashes that would be great.


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