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maxers in the Midlands UK?..

Feb 01 2008 | 1:18 pm

Hi All,,
Are there any fellow maxers based in the Midlands who might be up for a bit of brain-pooling once a month or so? I’ve been using masmsp for a couple of years now, mostly learning on my own, with occasional posts here when I get really stuck!….
Anyone else in that position where you think ‘if only I could ask that question face to face with someone,then it just might all drop into place…..’ ?
I’m fairly literate with Max, slowly getting there with MSP, about to start discovering Jitter, and am also interested in developing externals in the future (see Dev for my helpless posts!).
I am based in Nottingham and carless, but would happily either travel to surrounding cities Leicester, Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield…(trains permitting!), or host here in Nottingham.
I will shortly be renovating my website, in order to outline my patches/provide examples/provoke interaction of brain cells. There’s a few sounds up there at the moment, and some old max/logic pro ideas I was working on some time ago. Things will be updated in a week or so.

hmmmm.let’s see if anyone is out there then……..

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