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maximum table size 16383?

Nov 05 2007 | 2:45 pm

i’m using a table to store values for a sequencer. The idea is to write the data to a textfile for saving different projects, so i’ve tried to keep everything contained in 1 table. Coming from PD where tables were also used for audio files i presumed the could be larger than 16383?

any alternatives/suggestions?

Nov 05 2007 | 5:23 pm

Why not use seq or detonate or something like that to store values for a sequencer? That’s what they’re built for.

Table maxes out at 16383 (or something… for some reason 8192 was ringing a bell, but maybe I’m thinking of urn) for historical reasons that made a helluva lot more sense at the time than many people can imagine nowadays. This cap might be removed with Max 5 but, then again, maybe not.

You do *not* want to use table for audio data. Use buffer~ with peek~ and/or lookup~. Every second beginner tries to use table for audio data and is surprised that it doesn’t work. It don’t. Read up MSP Tutorial 12.

In general it is highly advisable to work through the Tutorials before asking why something doesn’t work. Something like 98% of all questions asked on the list/forum are already answered in the Tutorials.

Nov 05 2007 | 6:01 pm

Hi Peter,

thanks for the reply.

I’m building a sequencer which uses a Korg MicroKontrol as interface. I need to store(and call) trigger values(on or off) note values, velocity and gate times for 16 steps over 16 instruments with 16 patterns. This all fits neatly in the limits of the table, but i need a few more positions for global settings like port outs and such. The sequencer has been pretty much re-written at least once. Initially it was multiple tables, but i merged them to make it easier to save projects to text files. I might be able to use the table more efficiently but was feeling comfotable that with the ammounts of memory int the current computers it wasn’t going to max out. For now, unless the suggested objects change my life, i’m going to cut it back to 15 patterns per object and use the gained positions for the global settings.

I will look into the detonate and seq objects.

p.s I wont be using tables anytime soon for audio. I only bought max.

Nov 06 2007 | 11:13 pm

In fairness, I should have probably warned you that both seq and detonate have one or two idiosyncrasies that may make them unsuitable for you. They do work well in a fair number of situations, but not all conceivable circumstances.

You may be able to get around table’s size limitation by using several tables (together with route & co.)

Another alternative might be coll, which has no arbitrary size limitation. However, it does everything with linked lists, and you might find a performance deterioration if your the data gets reallyreallyreally big.

Good luck,

Feb 14 2009 | 5:28 pm

back in sequencer-land, now with a touchscreen, its nice to see the bar has been raised!

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