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MaxMSP and Macromedia Director communicate

Apr 29 2007 | 3:40 am


Is there a quick way to connect Macromedia Director with MaxMSP on ONE PC running Windows?

I’ve seen people talking about xmidi xtra for director, but problem is: how can I receive the midi message in Max from the same PC running director?

I’ve searched in the forum but still don’t know how:(

any help appreciate!


Apr 29 2007 | 6:52 pm

I think that I’ve seen a freind of mine doing this using netsend~/netreceive~ and connecting via localhost – though to warn you I believe its not the best of situations to connect all on one computer.


Apr 30 2007 | 1:52 am

thank you Trum!
so if i use two PC to do that? are there some better ways?

two PC, communicate between MaxMSP and Director.

thank you all!

Apr 30 2007 | 4:22 pm

It should work well using the same protocalls but using 2 computers – it just seems more stable that way. Theres also various other communication protocalls like OSC – though I think netsend~ and netrecieve~ should be a good option.


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