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MAX/MSP Clinic in San Francisco, November 11

Oct 29 2009 | 6:35 pm

NEXMAP presents MAX/MSP Clinic at the Lab
2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco
November 11th, 2009 6-9PM
Cost: $25.00

This month’s MAX/MSP Clinic will begin with a presentation by Ben Bracken of Cycling ’74. He’ll be discussing integrating the pattr system into patchers, which is a sophisticated state management tool for data and UI elements. Followed will be a general question & answer session, with the remainder of the clinic focused on more one-on-one patcher troubleshooting.

Participants are invited to email Aram Shelton [settled] with any questions and/or topics to be covered:
Suggested Materials: Laptop with MAX/MSP and Headphones / MIDI controller / Pencil and Paper

This ongoing clinic is open to all levels and gives the opportunity for feedback and troubleshooting in a supportive environment with an experienced technician. Each month the Clinic begins with a brief opening presentation on the development, customization and user control of patches built in Max/MSP, followed by question and answers by the participants for the remainder of the session. Artists will be invited to present their projects to the entire group for a back and forth exchange of ideas.

To reserve your space and for more information please visit:

Examples of techniques explored:

• audio routing: flexible routing schemes with simplified controls
• patch management: the effective use of sub-patches
• performance optimization: avoiding crashes and audio metering
• user interaction: midi controllers
• plug-in building: creating standalone devices to use in DAWs
• rewire support: using Max with other programs such as Ableton, Reason, etc.

Oct 29 2009 | 6:47 pm
settled wrote on Thu, 29 October 2009 12:35
• plug-in building: creating standalone devices to use in DAWs

i guess people are still using pluggo then?

i would love for it to be open source!

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