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max/msp crashes with soundflower 16ch as input device

Mar 16 2009 | 9:01 am

When we choose "Soundflower (16ch)" as input device then quit max/msp then relaunch, accessing immediatly to the dsp status window through the menu ‘options’ makes max/msp crash. Removing the preference file ‘CoreAudio@Built-in Out.txt’ solves the problem.

Content of the preference file ‘CoreAudio@Built-in Out.txt’:

max v2;
dsp prefsr 44100;
dsp prefiovs 512;
dsp prefsigvs 64;
dsp takeover 0;
dsp cpulimit 0;
dsp optimize 1;
dsp outremap 3 1;
dsp outremap 4 2;
dsp outremap 5 1;
dsp outremap 6 2;
dsp outremap 7 1;
dsp outremap 8 2;
dsp outremap 9 1;
dsp outremap 10 2;
dsp outremap 11 1;
dsp outremap 12 2;
dsp outremap 25 1;
#AD version 20021201;
#AD indevice "Soundflower (16ch)";

Mar 16 2009 | 12:17 pm

I shouldn’t be saying that here in cycling 74 forum, once soundflower is a freeware application from cycling design for routing audio between aplications, but I personally think that the jackpilot for mac (hijack), is now working much better than the soundflower, although in fact it needs a bit more of cpu – a minimal difference which be critical in some cases

you can find it here

Mar 16 2009 | 12:18 pm

when I refer about much cases I am talking about situation in which you have to route several buses of audio

Mar 16 2009 | 12:19 pm

but if you have a good computer it might be irrelevant (it also depends on what you are doing)?

Mar 17 2009 | 9:00 pm

I can’t reproduce here with Max 5.0.6 and Soundflower 1.4.3, on Intel 10.5.6.

If you are still having problems, feel free to send a crash report to support at cycling74 dot com.


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