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Max/Msp Multi-Touch hardware development systems now available

Jul 08 2009 | 5:19 pm

Hello Max Users,

We wanted to announce Demand Evolution is launching a few new products
that are geared towards musicians, performers, and Max users.

Our 30" Multi-touch LCD with Computer Vision, the Gecko, is a
professional grade development system which supports multiple users
and input methods.

And for large live performance and larger visualizations we are
launching the 50" projection based Multi-touch and Vision
Development Kit.

With Max/Msp Multi-touch support, development of Max based Multi-touch patches, and applications is user friendly and
emphasizes the immerssive nature of patching with Max.

If you’re interested, have any comments or suggestions, please check
us out at

for a quick demo video check out

Jul 09 2009 | 12:39 pm

This sounds nice, but i found the kit details a bit short :

> Kit Details :
> 50-inch diagonal projection screen (projector not included)

I’m still a newbie in these technologies, so a little drawing to explain exactly where the projector goes (distance, angle, support?) would be nice… ?

> IR illuminated touch surface with power supply
> IR digital video camera included

Again, where this camera goes ?
And the most important for musicians : What fps ?
From what i remember, talking at nime 2006 in Paris with some designer of this technologie, it is usually too slow for what i’d like to do with it, (playing real time-notes, the size of the fingerprints would used to smooth the sound volume).
With a fps of 200 Hz or 100 Hz, it will start to get interesting to make lots of sound instruments…

> Compatible with the latest open-source software

you mean softs to traduce the raw fingerprints datas ?
What are the name of these softs ? how do they work with max ? or java ?

> Made with durable components and a simple design
> Dimensions (W x H x D) 45.5" x 26.5" x 1.75"



Jul 09 2009 | 2:29 pm


The Dev Kit works with most any projector, but the ideal is the shortest throw you can use. Our goal with kit is affordability, so in keeping with that, we elected to not include a projector and allow our customers, save or spend on that part as they please. We will post, on our page, the current models, etc., of the projectors we use in house for reference though.

The Dev Kit is also designed to be portable, so it can be quickly broken down for transport, and yet still highly modular. The frame is designed in a way that it will work with a multitude of different mounting scenarios. The stand it comes with allows for the user to adjust from using it as a 50" collaborative table to a drafting table or chalk board in a few seconds.

We also suggest a couple different, very affordable, projector mounts that offer a relatively comparable angle adjustment to the stand. The IR camera rests on top of the projector (or near by). AS for the speed of the system, assuming you are running an update computer, the camera runs at around 125 fps with an average delay of 4-7 ms. I run patches where I play drums and keys directly on the screen.

Lastly, the Open (and free software) gives all of the data you have mentioned including, scalable blob tracking, blob size, inertia, rotation/angle, pressure (due to increase in blob mass), shape, and much more. Additionally, the software’s accessible interface allows for customization of the environment to suit the users needs.

Feel free with any other questions, or suggestions!

– Jon

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