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Max/MSP/Jitter and Experimental Television Center Summer Courses

Mar 23 2007 | 5:40 am

Hello All,
Here are a couple summer courses I thought some of you might be interested in. They are both VERY intensive, 2-weeks each!

The Institute for Electronic Arts at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University is pleased to announce two upcoming summer courses in electronic media production:

Building Interactive Projects with Max/MSP/Jitter and Sensors, May 14-26, 2007

The Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop, May 30-June 10, 2007

Building Interactive Projects with Max/MSP/Jitter and Sensors
This two-week intensive course will cover basic and advanced techniques in creating interactive multimedia projects with Max/MSP/Jitter as well as building and implementing sensors and other real world interfaces. Each participant will receive a sensor building toolkit including a MAKE controller (analog/digital interface), a wiring and soldering kit, a beginners guide to electronics, a large selection of sensors, and other electronics. Some of the topics that will be covered are: real-time video effects processing, wiring, using sensors, color and motion tracking, pitch tracking, audio and data visualization, building personalized performance instruments, building stand-alone software applications, networking computers, experimental 2D and 3D animation, building interactive multi-channel video installations, interactive performance, and working with USB/MIDI controllers. For more information, please visit

The Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop
This immersive and collaborative twelve-day video and sound art workshop will take place at the legendary Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York. The unique image processing system at the ETC facilitates interactive relationships between older historically important analog instruments and new digital technologies including: custom-built equipment by David Jones, Dan Sandin, Nam June Paik, and others; new and vintage analog audio/video processors and synthesizers; Max/MSP and Jitter; multiple computers; keyers, switchers, colorizers, and other hardware; numerous studio cameras; and dozens of other tools, all of which are connected through an intelligent open-ended patch system. A primary goal of ETCISW is the exploration of video as a contemporary electronic arts medium and the promotion of collaborative art practices. For more information, please visit

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