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maxsync for use with a 16mm projector

Oct 29 2007 | 12:22 am

I am interested in building a subpatch which I can use to synchronize my audio with a 16mm projector. My plan is to use Academy leader which contains the short audio beep at the number 2 during the countdown sequence. I will run the audio out from the projector into my Powerbook G4 with the max patch. Right now I’m just thinking of using this as a way to consistently output a bang that will be close to synch with my film.

Has anyone tried anything similar? or have suggestions for ways to approach this?

Oct 29 2007 | 1:50 am

Problem with 16mm projectors is that they are not exactly frame accurate for timing. You could use an interlocked projector, but not easy to find.

In cinemas I think they used to trigger the curtains opening by putting small a metal slug on the film, that would hit a contact connected to a relay.

But I could be wrong….

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