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Microtonal synth for Mac

Apr 22 2010 | 9:10 pm

Finally I found some time for coding a synth using the microtonal architecture described here through Max/MSP examples:

In order to build the actual synth I did not use Max/MSP, even though it would be perfectly feasible to do that; the GUI is developed in RealBasic and the audio engine in C++, but apart from the different languages, the very same concept is all there including the "clever bend" mechanism.

Direct download URL is the following (Mac Intel only, 4.7 MB, free license):

This is a standalone synth so you don’t need an AU host to run it. You can also use it as a sysex destination in case you are experimenting with MIDI Tuning Standard dumps as it responds to those messages and retunes itself accordingly (bulk tuning dump and single octave). Hope someone will find it useful.


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