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Midi to external hardware synth

Oct 23 2010 | 3:19 pm

First – Hi @all here in the forum!

I haven’t asked before because i’m not worried about send midi from max/msp or rather m4l to external hardware. Even though i use max/msp and max for live a few time but i haven’t really know-how on this point

So far i have used the external instrument function in ableton live for sending the midi data through my motu ultralite to the minimoog voyager rme.

Configure the motu ultralite in max/msp is no problem. I know i can’t send midi data from m4l out of ableton. The midi data must be send from m4l to max/msp -> through the motu ultralite -> to the minimoog voyager. At this point i have some problems to understand the hole thing. Is there anything that i must be observe? I’m not sure about it. But i think for send the midi data out to the minimoog voyager rme i must use the
udp network to realize that.

I would be really thankfull when anyone give me a little tip or advice on this point.


Oct 23 2010 | 4:52 pm

"I know i can’t send midi data from m4l out of ableton."

Strictly speaking, you can send midi from m4l out of ableton to external hardware, but not *multi-channel* midi data. So for this you’d need some workaround. I’ve experimented with osc/udp and can confirm that it basically works. Just convert your midi in m4l to osc messages and convert back to midi in max/msp. But the timing will not be perfectly accurate. I’ve measured latency/jitter around 10ms depending on the audio buffer size of ableton. Also, sending high amounts of data in short time may be problematic.

Oct 23 2010 | 8:37 pm

HI broc!

Thank you for the answer. I’m looking for test this tonight. But there coming up more questions about the details me which i didn’t really understand. I’m working with max osx and configure in midi setup the midinetwork for the localhost and the client. Hope i’m right at this point so far.

Are the udp ports setting autmatically by the osc protocoll or must they set manually? Must the osc script put In lives contents -> midi remote scripts? I mean no – think it makes only sense by operating with a control device!?

Oct 23 2010 | 10:48 pm

You don’t need to configure the midinetwork for osc. Just send and receive on any port you like, the connection is done automatically. Also, no remote scripts involved.

For example,

send from m4l device: [udpsend localhost 5000]
receive in max/msp: [udpreceive 5000]

For converting midi to osc you can simply prepend an osc address, e.g.

/note 60 80 1

Then on the receiver, using [route /note] gives the original midi data.

Feel free to ask more questions.
I’d be interested to know how this method works for you in practice.

Oct 24 2010 | 12:34 am

Oha, nice!

That was totally missunderstood by my side all the time. This save me a lot questions on how do i realize that in practice and a lot of my nervs!!!

Jep, when more questions coming up i ask the next time. I give a feedback when it works…

Thanks broc

Aug 26 2011 | 12:25 pm

I just got a Voyager RME! Have you done any progress with your setup?

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