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Midi to Juno6 converter

Jun 17 2009 | 1:57 am

This is just a thought – haven’t even tried implementing it yet.
I have a "new" Juno 6, it sounds awesome.
Obviously it has no MIDI, nor does it have CV and gate.
What it does have is an arpeggio trigger input and a VCF input in which both work great.
What I’m thinking of is trying to make a patch and eventual plugin that will take a note sequence entered in from say – the step sequencer in ableton and display the notes/keys and order needed to be pressed.
Then output a trigger which will trigger the intended notes but also insert a kind of slur of additional triggers close to the next intended note so as to "skip" what the argeggio would normally play and jump to the next intended note in the sequence.

I guess the sequence would need an audition run of every sequence to analyze. (Hopefully in Max4Live I could just "getinfo" or something). Then start on the beat once I input the notes.

Or learn electrical engineering…

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