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MK3 Headphone Output Query

Jan 01 2009 | 4:42 pm

Hello all,

Hope everyone has and maybe still is having a good New Year.

One question for anyone who owns one or the other of the 828 mk3, mk2 will even do.

It is concerning the output of it.

I love my mk3, have done many things on it from the time since getting it, but have run into a snag when messing with Max on it. The many i had done before were not on Max.

I cant for the life of me, get the audio output of my max patch to play through the main output of my mk3. It does however, go out of the Analog 1&2 outputs located on the back, but this is no good to me since i use headphones a lot of the time.

So how can i get my patch to come out of the main outputs, without doing much on ‘hard-wiring’. Is there a way in the Max patch, to send the audio to the main output (which does include the heaphones) and not the Analog outputs?

Thanks in advance…

Jan 01 2009 | 6:54 pm

BONZA, i figured it out

After i came away from the computer for a bit, watched 2 episodes of the ‘West Wing’, had something too eat, drank a cup of tea, it then came to me suddenly.

If anyone else was in the same position as me regarding the output. with a [dac~], so as to go out of the headphones and main output channels, simply have the arguments 9 10 in it as well so like this [dac~ 9 10]. This will now mean it will play out of your main outputs plus your headphones.

It’s great what happens when you get away and clear your head…

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