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May 13 2006 | 5:36 pm

is there a stand alone motion sensor like the D-Beam?

it takes all of us

May 13 2006 | 5:46 pm

May 13 2006 | 6:12 pm


i was looking for a package with MIDI output

all of the D-Beam instances are in rather large packages
just wondering if there was something developed but smaller

it takes all of us

May 13 2006 | 6:55 pm

At 12:36 PM -0500 5/13/06, don malone wrote:
>is there a stand alone motion sensor like the D-Beam?

Buchla Lightning senses the motion of its input sources.

The web site only shows the wands as inputs, but there are other types of input source, including rings.


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May 15 2006 | 9:46 am

Yes, there are quite a few motion sensors which do that, including theramin-to-MIDI (30cm range) (doepfer electronics, for example), video-tracking (range of several meters) (CMUcam, etc.), acoustic rangefinders (devantech, etc.) and light (up to 3 meters) (or infrared) sensors. A couple of years ago, I needed a large number of motions sensors for almost no money, so I used LDR’s to pick up the reflections of peoples clothes and bodies. I was using a 32-input CV-to-MIDI interface, but you could just as well wire an LDR directly to a game-port or a hacked Joystick. The end result was effective from 0 to 3 meters (depending on ambient light, clothing and skin-color) and looked like the photos on this page:

You could do the same thing with infrared without the need for the visual light I was using, as long as you have a good infrared emitter.

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