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Moving texture around in

Sep 29 2010 | 9:00 pm


I am wondering if this is possible. I know I can move texture around in default jitter shapes like cube, torus etc..
but I am importing a and then trying to map a video texture to it, the problem is that when I load the video to map it to the 3d object it is not placed where I want it.

I tried using tex_plane and texCoordMagic patch by Wes by connecting it to
to no success.

So I am asking if anyone knows a work around for this?

p.s – I thought jit.ogre might help – but I need a plugin to export from c4d and the plugin is only able to write.mesh.xml and .skeleton.xml and I don’t think those two files export the materials.. Am I right with this?

any help is appreciated. thanks

Sep 30 2010 | 5:15 am

you can adjust the tex coords manually on a object as long as you’ve set tex_map attribute to 1 or 3.

if you’re exporter for jit-ogre is not creating material files, you can create one yourself, they’re quite easy to make. just look at the example material files (such as ninja.material). you can duplicate this file, change the name to something else, and tell it which texture to use.
just make sure you edit your xml file too, in the submesh tag, set the material attribute to the name you gave your material.

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