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Sep 29 2009 | 12:55 am


I’m new to MSP, and I need to complement my Max/Jitter knowledge for a forthcoming installation I’m producing, with real-time sound synthesis.

Since I have no time to go fully in-depth with MSP, it occured to me to ask you kind people for any kind of assembled and working MSP patch. I’m looking for tested and relatively simple patches which can produce atmospheric sounds (be it low-frequency and moody or high-pitched and squeaky).

The overall purpose of my inquiry is to learn and gain some elements to implement on my very own patch. Credits will be given of course. Please don’t think I’m lazy or such, this will be a vry valuable lesson for me. Any patches are welcome! Thanks!

Sep 30 2009 | 1:51 pm

Did you look at the large set of
examples and tutorials
provided with Max/Msp?

playing with the FFT examples alone might give you what you want, but there are examples of all sorts of audio fun in those
EXAMPLE, TUTORIAL patches…maybe worth a look, since they are freely provided?


Sep 30 2009 | 4:40 pm

And, if that doesn’t work and you still don’t want to spend any time with MSP, put Charles in touch with the gallery owner; I’m sure he can knock something out in no time. Smile

Sep 30 2009 | 4:55 pm

I’m sure s/he won’t mind matching my salary for the job I’d be giving up…since it’s in the deep-south-east coast, it would be not *much* over 6 figures.

I really Don’t think Max/Msp jobs pay as well as insurance jobs…
they are more fun, though, so STUDY THE STUDY MATERIALS THAT ARE PROVIDED.
Might even lead to you being a useful programmer!
p.s.: right. hahahhahahahaha.

Sep 30 2009 | 9:03 pm

On any account, I don’t consider myself a lazy person and I hate to ask for these kinds of things which sound much like "do my homerwork". I am also very familiarized with the Max/Jitter environment, including the many grea tutorials within the program. Yes, I’ve explored quite a few of the MSP tutorials and they provide some interesting functions, but I’m looking for more sophisticated sounds and systems, and an overall different timbre to the the preset digital sound; something attainable only with enough experience.

I’m a student, so there is no way I could pay anybody, even if I wanted to. So, to sum things up, all I ask is some sample patches which you may consider exercises or creative trash that could help me get my hands dirty without doing the regular and complete tutorial path. I seriously don’t have enough time and I think that tweaking with patches is the best way to learn in this kind of scenario, anyways…

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