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Multiple Ambisonic Source Trajectories Using ICST Tools

Apr 05 2013 | 11:09 pm

Maybe someone could answer this question for me at least.

I’m wanting to see if it is possible to simultaneously record multiple sound source trajectories using the ICST ambisonic tools. I know this can be done by stacking multiple ambicontrol objects into each other, but I’m looking for the ability to record a trajectory rather than an algorithmic one. Would also mean I dont have to do the same movements multiple times. Any advice would be thoroughly appreciated

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Apr 06 2013 | 5:04 pm


I’ve had the same difficulties as you before and ended up using colls to record and play aed data. Hope this helps. If you play around a bit you can superimpose recordings, as in recording the first -> playing it back, recording second -> playing second, recording third …

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Apr 07 2013 | 9:30 am

Thanks this is a great solution though the issue I have is im stuck working with max 5 in the room i am using so i dont have access to the zl objects. I’ll see if I can use it nonetheless

Apr 07 2013 | 12:37 pm

zl objects are ‘native’ part of max since 4.x so you should be able to use them also in Max 5?

Apr 08 2013 | 11:54 pm

zl join is not showing up in max 5 when I’m using it – it comes up with object not recognized with the object itself being marked as red. At the moment I have just currently resorted to using seperate trajectories for every source though now my problem is that the internal clock that ambicontrol uses is not in sync at default when looping with audio – as in I can’t keep the movement of a trajectory and the playback of a sound in sync even when making the trajectories the exact same length as the audio file in time – I assume though that if I just change the default interval of the ambicontrol from 100ms to 1ms this would fix it? Here is the patch for context, tried using copy from clipboard but it wouldn’t allow me to post due to its size.

Also perhaps you might know a method of creating a binaural version of these ambisonic tools via another abstraction/object. Been looking into a that for a while now but no such luck (relatively new to max see). I see there’s a few objects for binaural but they would require quite a patch overhaul to get all the audio working with it. Hoping for an easy way to just take the encoded ambisonic signals and produce a binaural version for headphone listening.

Apr 09 2013 | 12:15 am

Ah just realised it couldn’t upload still haha, here is exclusively the section of the patch im referring to:

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Mar 19 2014 | 10:01 am

I’ve gotten around this by writing specific messages for certain objects. I’m even using these as part of a larger patch. These are the central points of six swarming volumes. I’m sure there is even a more efficient way to do this, by send the list through various operations. But I guess I probably didn’t address your issue because I have a whole bunch of ambicontrol objects…

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