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Multiple Audio Tracks Inside M4L?

Sep 28 2011 | 7:37 pm


Is there a way to route multiple audio tracks (from Ableton Live) into an M4L patch? I mainly want to track the volume of multiple tracks, and have found a way to do it by using live.object (output_level), but it doesn’t work as peakamp~. I want to track the volume change but in a more realistic way. Live.object looks like it smooths it out.

Any comments?

Sep 28 2011 | 9:09 pm

I can think of two solutions: Put one M4L patch in each track you want to survey, convert the amplitude values from a signal into a float (i.e. [snapshot~] ) and send them with [s] [r] to a main patch.

Then there is [plugsend~] ans [plugreceive~] to send signal from one patch to another. the residues from good old pluggo times (i still miss them… ;). They are officially not supported anymore but I never had real issue using them.


Nov 17 2011 | 9:48 pm

Hi guys,
I have a similar problem: I’m trying to bring the audio from two or more Live tracks together into one, but such that I can access the signal of both separately. Specifically, I built a frequency crossfader that requires me to split each track up into a few frequency bands before recombining them.
I tried using send~ and plugsend~ and their receive counterparts and haven’t been able to send signals between different max devices on different tracks.
Any ideas?
Thanks you!

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