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Multiple Playstation Eye Cameras!

Apr 11 2011 | 1:18 pm

How do,

I know this issue has been featured in the forums before, but I have tried everything possible in order to combat this and still running into issues.
So, I am creating a digital video installation that is relying on 4 x Playstation 3 Eye Cameras to detect movement and then later a range of sound and video based on that movement!
I can have one Eye camera running and the built in iSight camera running through the patch with no problems what so ever, yet when i go to select the second of 4 Eye cameras Max MSP crashes every time and is extremely frustrating. I have altered the settings on each of the cameras including frame rate and image quality yet still Max continues to crash every time i go to select another camera.
I am running 4 Playstation cameras through a multi point externally powered USB hub which then goes into Max via an Apple iMac 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3GB RAM with OS 10.6.6, I am using the Macam driver (0.9.2) and Max MSP version 5.1.4 (< I know this is not the latest version and I am university network computers so currently in the process of trying to get this updated, if anyone knows if the software update cures this it would be of much use)

Here is the mechanism I have made for trying to the cameras in my patch, any feedback would be greatly appreciated as am pretty new to max and not sure if this is the best design.
So to select the different cameras, flick the ‘toggle’ switch, followed by ‘open’ then click on ‘settings’ to select the different Eye cams, it is at this point selecting the second camera where I seem to have the most issue.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Any help / feedback would be greatly appreciated and apologise for any repetition of other post but I have checked them very carefully and still no joy!

Many Thanks


Apr 13 2011 | 3:21 pm

I never did get it to work, but in this post mirko says he had it working:

Apr 15 2011 | 5:20 am

Haven’t opened your patch, but I ran 2 PS3Eyes for a recent 3D project. See the thread above for a link to the multicam drivers (and a few other variations). The vanilla MACAM distribution won’t do multicam.

Hint: Don’t start your grabber metro until you choose your cam for each jit.qt.grab. In the device umenu, each camera will have the same name, so it’s hard to remember which one is which. After you choose each cam, you will see a #0, #1, etc in the Source umenu so you can identify the cams.

I had to open the MACAM app and set rez and framerate settings for each camera first, then open MAX. On one computer I could only get 320×240, but on others I got 640×480. It’s all very cumbersome and annoying!

Apr 20 2011 | 11:01 am

Thanks for the feedback and have tried exactly what you said but still no joy, macam does give them different numbers which you can see in Max but it seems Max still cant tell the difference between them!
I have now resolved the issue by buying several differently branded webcams and this seems to work fine!
Have had no issues with crashing thus far!!


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