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multiple preset with Bpatcher, Autopatter and Pattrstorage

Jul 11 2009 | 12:04 am

I have what probably amounts to a simple question about the combination use of pattrstorage, preset and autopattr. I have apatch with bpatchers and autopattrs and a preset object that controls a pattrstorage. When I have one preset and pattrstorage in my master patch everything works wonderfully. I know that I am "hooking it up right". (greedy is set to 1)

Here is the question. i would really like multiple preset "waffles". I would like one that that loads with "my" presets, and is not necessarily editable. I would like another that is blank, and invite the user to save their own here. Finally, I would like a third with only about 10 steps whose function is to provide a complex degree of patch modulation via interpolation.

In other words, I want three preset object and three pattrstroage objects that will interact with the exact same autopattrs throughout my patch.

I have tried making unique pattrstorage objects, thinking they would be truly individual, and load their own xml files. The problem is that no matter how many I add, only one works. I am not hooking up multiple presets to the same pattrstorage because they may not have the same "number one", rather these will be more like three separate "banks" that have different conceptual meaning.

I figured this might have been tried before, but I am not setting the right flags. regardless, I am stumped. Maybe i need to partition a single preset into multiple parts?

Ben (super nice dude) suggested that "One option is to just forgo the preset altogether and come up with your own interface, using a matrix of buttons or something like that, that interact with pattrstorage."

I know that there are a lot of solutions to managing the presets, and this comes up often. I have read about a multitude of scenarios here and there, but none seem to match my problem. The forums are a great resource, and i read them often, but i think my "google-fu" is not strong enough on this, or perhaps i have a more unique problem than i realize. Maybe its a matter of setting a few flags? Seems like this should be simple to me.

I thank anyone who responds in advance for their insight. Even linking to a thread where this has been discussed, is useful. Even tangentially related information… such as ways to manage the pattrstorage without preset might yield fruitful information. what have you tried in the past that worked? I have read the documentation and the appropriate tutorials a few times already, and am not getting any ‘inspirato’ from them, and am surprisingly stumped by this unexpected issue. Again, thank you for any insight.

Edit: I have included a zip file that demonstrates the scenario. There are two patchers, a main and a sub that is instantiated a few times. You will find the first preset opbect oerates quite well whereas the others are "finicky"

Jul 11 2009 | 2:36 am

I am reading around and seeing that more than one pattrstroage on the same patcher level causes problems. I suppose this means that my attempt at a multitude of preset objects working in tandem in this particular way might not work.

Therefore, what are some effective ways to partition singular prest object to interact with a pattrstorage? I will play with this myself and post any useful result.

Jul 11 2009 | 2:58 am

hey there,

I think that you need to investigate the "bindto" and unbind messages for pattr objects. I think you can disable the connections between the the pattr objects and the controls you wish to recall data into.

for example, presets.xml may have the details for objects 1,2 and 3.
If you wish to only load the preset into object 1. set up your bang order correctly, so that objects 2 and 3 become unbinded before the preset number is recalled, so they do not receive any data.

hope this strategy is helpful.

Jul 11 2009 | 5:27 am

I will look into this right away. I admit that I don’t readily see where you are going with this, but more might be revealed after I examine the "bindto" material again.

…I thought that i was "binding" the presets to the pattrstorage, and they in turn were looking at the Autopatter (that in turn looked at my scripted objects).

I will post my results. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Jun 25 2013 | 4:24 am

Commenting to revive this thread to see if anyone has an easier work-around for this. Like the OP I’d like to have more than one preset system for different parts of a patch (global, param-group1, group2 etc). My patch has hundreds of UI elements btw – perhaps I should just forget about the idea?

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