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multiple uploads with jit.uldl ?

Oct 04 2010 | 9:24 am

What is the correct way to do multiple simultaneous uploads with jit.uldl ?

I have multiple data sources, which are polled on regular interval, and depending on situation 3-10 of data parameters I need write to file and upload to FTP location simultaneously, or at least within same minute.

Currently I’m using one jit.uldl object, with @username and @password as construct attributes, and message object to control the uploads like "upload filename ftp://location". The upload messages are produced by same polling metro.

I’ve tried deferlow and defer and I still get only 1 file uploaded at the time. Files are super small, only few bytes.
Using trigger object to sequentially generate the upload-messages for jit.uldl which is under defer(low) does not do the trick either. I’ve tried overdrive on and off.

The documentation states that it is async, so each upload should run on its own in background.
Am I missing something? Do you need to use coll or something to store the upload queue and the create subpatch or some mechanism to empty this queue every now then ? Or do I need to have jit.uldl objects for each data parameter file to achieve this? ISP FTP service allows two simultaneuos transfers.


Oct 04 2010 | 1:36 pm

i think by asynchronous they just mean that the object returns control to max immediately (it doesn’t block while it does the transfer) and does its output later when it’s ready. the helpfile doesn’t say anything about doing simultaneous transfers, and it doesn’t seem like it does simultaneous transfers.

short answer: use 2 of them.

Oct 05 2010 | 11:15 am

indeed it doesn’t queue by itself, i changed the patchchord wiring a bit, i multiplied the number of jit.uldl objects and now i can reliably transfer more small files in short time frame

and yeah indeed asynchronous does not mean it can create multiple background tasks


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