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Multiple video headache

Mar 28 2011 | 10:42 pm

I’ve been away from loverly max/msp for a while… I’m making a 4 channel video mixer, but I can’t seem to mix more than two channels using jit.xfade

What I’d like is to be able to solo ANY channel between the four via faders.

People have indeed posted patches that demonstrate fader handling of one or two videos, but I have yet to discover an example of more than that, and I’d really, REALLY REALLY REALLy love to see an example of someone pulling this off.

I was able to do it simply with jit.qt, but the framerate drops intermittently, even with a fast (very) system.

Please help, questions for clarification, comments, general advise welcome.

If this is a simple solution and I’m making a bigger deal of it than I should, please by all means let me know. And If there is a better way to go about this that I’m not aware of, elucidate I beg!

thank you, Steve

Mar 28 2011 | 11:22 pm

This is a simple solution

Mar 28 2011 | 11:38 pm

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

I just ran that together if you want to use faders. just using 2 2channel fades, themselves faded, bangs set solo values.

Mar 29 2011 | 7:59 am

wow- very simple guys, THANK you!

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