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Multiple video input solutions

Sep 29 2009 | 10:25 am


I’m looking to source a solution to reliably bring four analogue video streams into Jitter simultaneously, using a recent Mac Pro with a large amount of RAM (I don’t have the exact specifications of the Mac Pro to hand).

Having checked out this forum I see that there are two four channel video input cards available: the Active Silicon LFG4 and the Imaging Source DFG/MC4/PCIe. As I understand it the LFG4 MM edition has VDIG drivers for Jitter, but there’s no clear indication as to it’s reliability. For the DFG/MC4 I can’t confirm Mac compatibility. Does anyone have first-hand experience with these cards?

And are there any other solutions I am overlooking?



Oct 09 2009 | 4:30 pm

Further to my earlier post, I have emailed Active Silicon about simultaneous four-channel video capture on a Mac Pro with the LFG4-MM PCIe card and the reply put forward that it should be ok with the VDIG drivers… can anyone with experience of this combination tell me if this accurate?

Thank you,

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