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Jan 10 2007 | 6:33 am

has anyone created one of these? i like the max one but it lacks some graphical customizability, like having a grid behind the sliders or anti aliasing.

If not, can anyone set me in the direction of something to study to create one? I would love to learn some JSUI creation.

Thanks all!

Jan 10 2007 | 11:22 am

Jan 10 2007 | 2:29 pm

I’ve done a number of them, none really ready to give out.
but the good news is, you’ll have yours up and running inside an
hour, they are very easy to program.

Jan 10 2007 | 3:28 pm

Concidering I don’t know javascript yet, might take more then an hour… I will still experiment.. anyplace you might direct me to learn where to start? I know a bit of c from high school and it looks similar.

those JSUI objects JLN mentioned are mind blowing, really gets me pumped about using JSUI, I cant wait till 5 years from now when everything is Universal, can run audiovisual on 1 laptop with tons of stuff going on and beautiful JSUI interfaces. I wonder if that thought had anything to do with the Iphone press conf. I saw today.


Jan 10 2007 | 3:29 pm

Oh wait what the hell, that was you that made those.. haha

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