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.mxo not recognized

May 25 2006 | 8:01 pm

hello everybody!
I have downloaded some 3rd party objects from, in
.mxo format.
They work fine with my powerbook, but is not recognized on a G5.
Both macines runs the same OS and max version.
I am stuck! Can anyone suggest a solution?

Sven Erga

May 25 2006 | 8:36 pm

Hi Sven,

The solution to your problem is allready in the archives at : tml

I’ve downloaded the max package on and i can confirm
that the Pkginfo file is missing.
Good luck.
Philippe OLLIVIER.


May 25 2006 | 9:13 pm

hi philippe!
How can i get this pkginfo -file in theappropriate place?



May 26 2006 | 10:05 am

Have a look at:

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