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My bpatchers' current settings aren't saved with my ableton songs.

Oct 27 2013 | 12:53 pm

I’ve got a rather complicated bpatcher in an AMXD and i’ve found that:
-if the bpatcher is not embedded with the amxd, it’s current settings are lost when i save/close/reload a song in live.
-if the bpatcher IS embedded with the amxd, it’s current settings ARE saved with the song, which is what i want!

but here’s the problem. i can’t embed the bpatcher in the amxd because there are 4 duplicates of this reusable bpatcher and if i embed more than one, unity crashes when i save the AMXD. also, this problem has nothing to do with having more than one instance of the same bpatcher, because i found if i create an empty AMXD and only put in just one bpatcher, it still has the same problems where the current settings aren’t saved with the song if the bpatcher isn’t embedded.

any ideas how to fix this? and thanks so much in advance.. i’m so close to finishing this project and this is the last hurdle. :)

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