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my posts arent working…

Apr 25 2011 | 4:11 pm

I’ve made three posts and it seems to post a topic but no content of the actual post..?

Apr 25 2011 | 4:43 pm

Hi topher6345,

You’re not the first person to report this problem, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it. The text got through in this one — did you do anything differently for this post compared to the others?


Apr 29 2011 | 5:33 am

having the same issue
also can’t reply to them or delete the thread
don’t want to keep cluttering up the forum with empty links…

Apr 29 2011 | 5:37 am

seeing as that got through, guessing it might be an issue with patches pasted in? is there a character limit on posts?

Apr 29 2011 | 4:33 pm

@indratulku: I’ll do some testing

May 25 2011 | 8:50 pm

@indratulku there is not a character limit on posts. what browser/os are you using?

May 25 2011 | 9:25 pm

firefox and osx 10.6.7

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