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Need help about Jitter patch in M4L

Dec 17 2011 | 11:50 pm


I have built a M4L patch, to use Jitter's functions synchronized with Ableton Live.

The patch is basic (I send a capture screen of my inteface) : 2 mixed videos :
Each video is treated by differents Jitter basic objects : jit.scalebias, jit.brcosa, jit.op, jit.hue, jit.rota…
I use modulations (LFO, envelope generator…), synchronized with Ableton Live, to modulate the parameters of the Jitter objects.
All the parameters of the interface are to store by the preset object. Recall preset is controlled by midi info (Note On) in the Ableton Live clips.

All work fine…

But I have a trouble of performance : My patch idle my computer (MacBook Pro intelCore i7, RAM 8Go).
How to improve the data-processing performances of my patch ?
Exist it tutorials about this subject ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards



  1. viijcapture.tiff


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