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network audio externals

Apr 11 2006 | 12:56 am


I’m wondering what externals people have used to successfully share
audio between max/msp patches on different computers, potentially
separated by many miles (or an ocean). I currently don’t have access to
Internet 2, but with my university’s connection, I should be able to
send and receive a fairly high-bandwidth signal. Can any of the mxj
objects be used for this purpose? Many thanks.



Apr 11 2006 | 1:53 am

for anyware ( ) , we used ogg
streaming with PD between a few cities. it worked fine. We didnt
address sync issues though. Check out nSlam as well.

and here are my PD patches on my old site

there is no reason the same couldnt be done with Max/MSP

v a d e //

Apr 13 2006 | 1:40 pm

Thanks for the tips! The PD objects are fine for longer-term
investigation for me, but currently I have a fairly involved Max/MSP
patch that needs net audio connections. I have played with both the
netsend~/netreceive~ objects, and the oggPro packages, but didn’t have
much success with either. I believe a lot has to do with buffering and
bandwidth issues. I am connecting to a performer in Denmark (supposedly
over a high-speed connection), but we are not able to exchange audio
with the netsend~/receive~ objects without serious dropouts and then
eventually Max/MSP seizing up or crashing. With oggPro, we each streamed
audio to different nodes on an Icecast server (at 128kbps), and then
retrieved each other’s streams. Besides the serious latency of this
approach, I could only get a few seconds of audio from him before
everything went dead.

So I suppose I’m wondering what other network audio Max/MSP objects are
out there that people have had success with? Many thanks.


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