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New Mac Mini to run jitter at 1024×768 ok?

Oct 03 2006 | 4:55 am

Im thinking of getting one of the new Mac Mini’s 1.6 Core Duo’s to Run Jitter on Windows XP. All I will have is a still image at 1024×768 but the image will be ‘shaking’ by spitting nubers into the x and y co ordinates. Has anyone had any luck with the new minis? DO you think it will run ok as I have heard it has an integrated graphic chip.

On the other hand im looking at getting a centrino 1.3 notebook with a 64mb radeon mobility 9000…

Any comments much apreciated as I have just sold my old IBM Thinkpad with 8mb graphics as it was crapping out..


Oct 03 2006 | 5:14 am

put the image onto a texture and manipulate a videoplane (or other geometery) and you will have much funs. I have been working on a mini and have been impressed with its capabilities, in spite of its meek video card. I can’t seem to get fsaa to work with jit.text.3d, but that’s not a show stopper. It is quiet, and I like that better than smooth text.
I have run out of texture memory with REALLY LARGE stills (> 2400 x 1800 caused a problem – i did not bother to find the exact dimensions that killed it), but 1024×768 – not a problem. I have run 6 320×240 on the mini, and it was happy.
The sad thing about this tidy li’l box is that there is no 2nd video out – you’ll have to get a matrox dual head 2 go device to do that.
XP – take your chances. Some video cards on XP machines can be fine, on others, not so good. I can say that my evga nVidia 6800GS card has been trouble free for jitter (but caused me hassles in the "general use" category that I have never had to deal with on a Mac).


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