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New Midi Integrator: useful in itself; contains useful, annotated patches

Apr 04 2011 | 8:31 pm

Hi fellow developers,
If you use midi to produce music, I would like to draw your attention to my new open-source Midi Integrator program.
Besides enabling any PC input to become any musical effect, as described further down, note that it contains a bunch of annotated, reusable, tested routines that you are welcome to use. Some of these are:
– Converts to midi input all of these PC or Mac inputs;
– keyboard,
– mouse,
– joystick
– etc (iPhone perhaps?)
– Goes the other way; converts midi-like instructions to full midi output
Feel free to mine away.
And … (here’s the catch) if you should discover something that can be improved (or heaven forbid, a bug), for goodness sake, let me know.
Tested fixes would be even better.

Midi Integrator is …
A simple way to convert PC inputs; keyboard, mouse, joystick etc, to midi input, combine it with other midi instrument input, then route it to whatever musical instrument/synth you wish.

An open, extensible system to integrate a pc/mac and midi devices, into a single musical omni-instrument, usable by non-technical people with a flexible "set-up once and forget" process.

Everything can be found here: and you can download the files here:

A few highlights:
· Allows adding sustain, pitch-bend and modulation controls, via one or more touch-pads or a mouse, to any midi system.
· Any key can trigger a note, control command, pitch-bend, or preset action; converts your PC-keyboard into an auxiliary midi-input controller and keyboard.
· Works especially well with 2-dimensional instruments like the Axis-49/Axis-64 and Tenori-on.
· Enables features that are normally considered ‘high-end’ in keyboards, such as keyboard splitting (parts of a keyboard playing other instrumental sounds), and key and octave shifting at the touch of a key.
· Extensible with a Max/MSP development system. For example, it can be made fully micro-tonal.

It is certainly not perfect – it would be better with bpatches, for example. I am keen to see how it can be improved.

Ken Rushton,
blogging as MusicScienceGuy at

Apr 04 2011 | 11:38 pm

A reader just told me that Integrator is simular in function to Midi Translator by Bome. If you have experience with Midi Translator, please let me know how it compares.

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