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new object / externals list

Oct 26 2007 | 10:22 am

this one’s for the c74 folks or anyone with a workaround…

i’ve noticed that the ‘new object’ menu (right mouse button) has a limit on the number of items in it
if you look in this menu on a low res screen there’ll be a scroll up down thru the list option
however, if you look at it on a high res screen the chances are you’ll see as many entries as are possible (approx 45) – this is less than the total needed if you have jitter installed – therefore no items from N onwards appear in the menu – things are made worse if you have entries for externals etc – it seems that this list is unhelpfully capped

the other approach is to create a new object (using the icon) and get the popup list – but this involves mousing, i’d like to use the right click approach

obviously the subdivisions could be manually regrouped to reduce the number of entries as well by tinkering with the max-objectlist.txt file – not favoured

i’ve also noticed that in the rightclick menu for the math operation ‘-‘ that it creates a dividing line rather than an entry (no great hardship in this instance perhaps)

Q) can this right click functionality be improved to show all valid entries ?


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