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Newbie in Jitter needs help getting data from a movie to control sound

Jul 14 2010 | 9:25 am


I’m trying to built a patch to get data (information) from a b&w movie, so as to control a filter (like a ffft from a sound but in this case from a picture, images)

Can somebody either help get me started – Jitter objects or point me to a tutorial or example (thread from this forum) related to this idea of catching data from a movie (almost similar like Metasynth soft) ?


Jul 15 2010 | 10:07 pm

we’d need to know more what kind of data you want… if it’s black and white, you could do overall brightness with jit.3m, or you could grab certain pixels by accessing them through jit.matrix, etc… there are a ton of things you can do, just start creating jitter objects and checking their Help files. you’ll definitely get super-sidetracked, in a great way :)

Jul 15 2010 | 11:15 pm

Hi seejayjames,

Thanks you a lot for your advice !! I will start to check the jitter objetcs. You know if somebody else have done this
way to "filter" a sound ( for ex. Atau Tanaka) in maxmsp + jitter ?

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